In Memory of Zeus Bawlick

My boy came to us from the streets of Atlanta, all 26 bony pounds of him. I know from the 1st week when he fell in the pool with his cast on his leg that he was going to challenge me. His skin ridden with mange. He taught me how to nurture, trust and not judge a dog by it’s breed. Zeus was special – he never new what love was but I taught him that and I showed him how to love others. Zeus was his name because we wanted him to get strong and have the will to survive and he lived up to his name. He loved to snuggle in bed, snore, dream, give sloppy kisses, go for car rides, swim at the beach and most of all play with tennis balls. He managed to make it from the brink of death into one of the most beautiful pit bulls I have ever seen, all 72 pounds of him. 4 1/2 years here was not long enough but I know he is OK now. His courage and will to live and love life was inspiring. He smiled with the biggest smile ever and his tail would whip you like a whip. “Pit bull wiggle” He stayed by my side morning, noon and night. He showed me the reasons to love this breed. He kept me safe when I was scared. Now I will keep all our memories safe in my heart. I love you Baba Zeusers and I miss you terribly. Be at peace and know that I will see you soon. I know from the look in your eyes that you did not mean to do what you did, it is OK, I still love you. Daddy PJ and Uncle Jason took good care of you – know that you were loved and admired by many. You are safe now. Watch over me… Your 7 brothers and sisters miss you too. We know you are still here with us and we will all see you at the rainbow bridge soon. Play all day with your balls, sleep well… Love – Momma Holly