In Memory of Zennie

Dear God,

Our precious girly girl Zennie came home to you Monday Nov 5, 2007. We were blessed to have her in our family for eleven years. She came To us as a rescued puppy, all wormy and scared, a little pot bellied furball.

Johnny was just out of the hospital with his cancer treatment. She helped him walk again!! She was always ready to go outside for a walk!! Loved to socialize with Anyone that would love on her. As a pup, Zen was pretty easy to kennel train and would not relieve herself in the house even when she was very sick. She had an audible signal that she would use to go out that sounded like she was saying “I want out”. So smart! She slept on the bed for a long time until she became so big that she took the bed over, then she claimed our couches. haha

What a great friend, companion, lovey was she. She would even smile for certain friends. Most people in the neighborhood knew her from seeing her walking with Johnny for such a long time (the blind guy with the big orange dog). People would comment on how soft and beautiful her fur was. She could catch her doggie biscuits on the fly and would jump 5 feet to get a special treat.

She liked jumping in the creek, but we didn’t like it when she would try to sneak it past us by coming inside with a wet underbelly! She liked chasing the chI’munks, sniffing out the backyard, riding in the car with her he’d in the breeze. She even tried to nurse some rubber chickens through a faux pregnancy.

Zennie mothered our other doggies (5 manchester terrier/chI’mix pups). She was the boss and kept everyone in line !

We really tried hard to medically treat her with the help of vets, Dr. Springer, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Eubanks, Dr. Mazza and finally Dr. Lewis. He had the worst job of all and never got to know her when she was healthy, happy and beautiful. We can never thank him enough for his gentle kindness and compassion for both Zennie and us. And the folks at Dream Land, well they treated her with the respect and dignity that she so deserved. They were so sweet during our loss. So God, thank you for the gift of our big orange Zennie girl — take her back now and give her all our love — until we see her again.