In Memory of Yukon

Yukon, our Sweet Pea, we miss you so much. We had 14 years with you and it wasn’t enough. I still remember the day we picked you out. We looked at several puppies that day, but when Daddy picked you up he said “This is Yukon”. You were 3 weeks old and we anxiously awaited the next 3 weeks to bring you home. You were Mommy’s wedding gift to Daddy and we always joked that you were the gift that kept on giving. We joked about it, but you truly were.

For 8 ½ years it was Fang and Yukon, our husky duo. You always had smiles on your faces and would sing early in the morning. Luckily our neighbors didn’t mind! You were always the watch dog and so protective of us. Then we lost Fang to lymphoma. You were such a great nurse while he was sick and going through chemo. I always thought of you as “little” because you weren’t as big as Fang, but when we lost him you assumed a different role and became the big cheese. You were sad without Fang though so we decided that you needed a new friend. We took you on meet and greets and “interviewed” about 5 candidates. We drove to Spring City, TN and found a perfect match for you! Nina needed a home and you let us know that she was the one. We had another husky duo and you were immediately “the girls”.

Yukon, our alpha girl. You would never lie on your back, nor could we touch your feet and you always did perimeter patrol, but you were so sweet and gentle. You loved to lick people and when people would try to cover their legs with a blanket to hide from the licking you would jump up and pull the blankets off so you could keep on licking. They always laughed. You never looked or acted your age even when you were 12. People thought you were still a puppy. So much energy!

After our little one was born you adjusted well to the changes. You did hide from the colic, but you were so gentle with her. As the arthritis set in and you couldn’t play like you used to you still gave lots of kisses and continued perimeter patrol in the house even if you felt bad. There was no stopping you! The chiropractic treatments helped for awhile, but there was no permanent fix. You sat patiently next to toddler drum solos with your food bowls used as drums and you even accepted her help to get you out the door. She still gives her plush version of you kisses every night.

We had to let you cross the Rainbow Bridge which was so hard to do, but you told me the morning of August 25th that you were ready to go. We spent the day together until you had to go. I even got to hold your paws…just once. You still didn’t like it, but you let me do it. We will always have you in our hearts and will forever think of you as our special gift.

We love you, Yukon.