In Memory of Whiskey

October 1, 1995 — April 28, 2008

For my sweet girl…

I remember that day when your Dad and I went to look for puppies in Albuquerque. The lady let out this group of puppies out who immediately rushed to the food bowl. When you pushed your way through and growled at your brothers and sisters to get out of your way, we new immediately you were the one for us. You came home with us 2 weeks later, round and tubby at six weeks of age and we have adored you ever since.

We ended up getting you a sister, our beloved mastiff Sambuca and the two of you took over our bed, our sofa and our life. You had so much fun going to the flood control in New Mexico to chase rabbits, barking at every dog on the TV and playing in the kiddie pool in the back yard. You loved to get silly with your Dad on the floor and adored the head rubs he always gave you.

You loved to eat everything in site and inhaled anything that happened to fall on the floor and would bark like clockwork after we ate until we gave you leftovers. You were always sweet, even-tempered and loved people. I will miss you squeaking the ball at three AM every morning, your trips with your Dad and Sambuca to Starbucks (you adored the biscotti!) and your woofing for me to get you things because you did not want to get up (and knew I would do it, every time!)

We will miss you and your sister snoring in tandem so loudly that you woke us up and the way your little nub of a tail would go crazy every single time we walked in the door. You were so good to your sister when the cancer was overpowering her, and I know you are with her right now; free of the pain that left you almost incapable of walking. You were loving and sweet until the very end and a piece of my heart is gone without you here with me. My only comfort is that you are happy and free of pain. Your Dad and I love you very, very much and are grateful for every moment you were with us.

A special thank you goes out to the doctors and staff at TLC animal clinic in Boca Raton. You took such wonderful care of both our girls and up until the very end and we are grateful for all you did. Also, thank you to Dr. Allen at Braelinn Animal hospital in Peachtree City, Georgia for taking good care of Whiskey in the last few months of her life.

I, your mom, want you to know how much I love you and that you were my sweet girl, my rock, my best friend and I miss you more than I can ever say.

We love you very much and look forward to seeing you and your sister again one day.

Love always,

Mom and Dad