In Memory of Tyson

July 28, 2002- December 12, 2010

To our sweet Tyson, also known as Booga Boog, Monkey, Wiggle butt, Block-head, Buddy, Monka Monka, Wooga, Puppy, and surely there are a few more….

We will never forget the day that you came into our lives. We always knew that you were something special and there was no other dog quite like you. We’ll never forget your cone head and those sweet big brown eyes. You stole our hearts right from the start.

We have so many fond memories with you. It’s funny to remember back when you were a small puppy and you were left alone in Nana and Granddad’s garage. You managed to destroy just about everything sitting still….and then when you were done, you noticed a brand new box of Milk bones on top of the play kitchen. You somehow managed to jump against the kitchen enough to knock down the box of Milk bones and have a feast on the WHOLE box of treats. It was always amusing to taunt you with the vacuum cleaner and laugh hysterically when you would bite the wheels or tease you with helium balloons (which you were terrified of). We always got a laugh out of you using the restroom in the back yard and then getting a burst of energy and running two big circles around the outside of the house at full speed. You were the best running partner….until you got tired and you would pull Mommy towards the car instead of doing another lap. We always got amusement out of watching your lips flap in the wind as you had your head out the window on the drive home. You were always ready and willing to go “bye bye”. Bath time….now that’s another story. You have always hated a bath and were never a fan of water. You always knew when we opened the linen closet door that it was bath time. It’s funny because Mommy and Daddy would spell out the word “bath” and you would know exactly what we were talking about! Who knew that dogs could spell? Then, it was a struggle to find you after you would go run and hide from us. As far as water goes, who would have ever thought that a dog did not know how to swim? You definitely were not a swimmer. We found out the hard way by throwing you in a pool and watching you sink to the bottom. We had to jump in and save you. That was not the only time we had to jump in and save you though….we’ll never forget the beautiful summer day that you jumped off a dock at Lake Allatoona and Daddy had to jump in the lake (clothes and all) and make sure that you did not sink. We still don’t know what possessed you to do such a thing but it was a scary thing for all of us. Not too long after this, you became a big brother. We were so excited to see how you would react to having a new baby sister in the house. You protected her right from the start. It was funny because you were as sleep deprived as Mommy was because you insisted on getting up with each feeding and it was picture perfect to see Tyson, Peyton, and Mommy all squished in the big plaid chair while Peyton was taking her bottle. You always whined when Peyton cried because you were always so worried about her. You were our spit up cleaner upper and always protected Peyton from trouble (like getting too close to the rocks on the fireplace and bumping her head). You supervised every diaper changing, bath, and bedtime story. You would often sleep in front of her crib so that nobody could get close. You were such a trooper when she wanted to sit on you or climb on you when you were trying to catch a nap in the middle of the floor. You were always a good sport when we would try out some of Peyton’s silly hats or headbands on you. You were the best big brother that anyone could ask for.

You were spoiled, oh yes. You always got the last bite of whatever we were eating. You would sneak in bed with us in the middle of the night when you got cold. You got treats….well, just for being you. You would always play tug of war with Mr. Lion, your favorite toy, and tear large holes in him until the stuffing came out. Mommy knew how much you loved Mr. Lion so she would sew him back up so that he would be like new. You would rest your head in her lap and watch every stitch being made on your favorite toy until she was finished and you could do it all over again. We loved how you were so excited to come home from work and you would be waiting at the door or at the top of the stairs with Mr. Lion or one of your toys. You could barely contain your excitement as your whole backside wiggled with your little nub tail. You would completely cover our faces with your sweet boxer kisses. They were the best kisses ever!

When you got sick, we were devastated. We never wanted to imagine our lives without you in it. You were a fighter, and fought a long fight against all odds. We were thankful to find Dr. DeLong that was willing to fight for you when other vets would not. We are so thankful for him and Nurse Amanda for taking care of you and keeping you around for just a little bit longer. It was a tough battle, but we know that you are now in a better place where you can breathe easy and rest comfortably again.

There will always be an emptiness in our hearts that will never go away….and know that you will never be replaced. You were such an awesome dog and were loved by everyone that met you. You are huge part of our family and always will be. Our lives will never be the same without you.

Sweet Tyson Riley, you will always be in our hearts. We love you soooo much!

Love, Daddy, Mommy, & Peyton