In Memory of Tyson Robbins

Tyson was a loyal companion and an ambassador for the Boxer breed. While purchasing my first home in 2006, I started looking for a dog to adopt to be my first dog in my first home. I browsed online adoption ads for weeks with some friends, and then I came across Tyson’s page. He was abandoned at Terrill Mill Animal Hospital in Marietta, GA by his owners. He spent the next 6 months living in the doctor’s office, winning the hearts of staff and visitors alike. After many months living in the hospital, and many failed attempts to contact his original owners, the staff at Terrill Mill decided to place Tyson up for adoption. They figured he was between 7 and 10 years old at the time, and he needed a permanent, comfortable home, to live out his years. On my first visit to meet Tyson, he won my heart. He simply backed up to sit between my legs, and demanded a head rub. I made many trips to visit Tyson in the doctor’s office, while I finalized the adoption. Tyson’s adoption was processed and he came home with me on December 26, 2006.

We lived with my parents, Bobby & Judy Robbins, for a couple of months while the purchase of my house was finalized. We all were constantly amused by the little things that made Tyson special to everyone. He would run around, playing in the back yard all day, but then at 7pm. “Lights Out!” He was obviously use to the schedule, living in a hospital for 6 months. Poor guy took months to get use to staying awake past 7pm. I know the doctor’s estimated his age between 7-10 years old, but he had the energy and attitude of a puppy. He played with himself in the yard, throwing his own toy, and fetching it. He would bring us toys to throw for him. He knew every trick in the book: sit, lay, stay, shaking paws, high five, choose the hand hiding a treat, and many more.

On March 17, 2007 Tyson and I moved into my first home with my friend Michelle Olsen, and her cats Cindy, Flo Jo, Ethel, and Jacques. Tyson got along great with the cats, and Ethel loved to sleep curled up with Tyson. Over the next 5 years Tyson impacted the lives of many people and pets that passed through his remaining years on Earth. During those years, Michelle and I adopted another cat Ishka, and another dog Nugget. Tyson practically raised Nugget from 7 weeks old, teaching her everything he knew. He was a wonderful role model to have around and made training a breeze. He always led by example. We also had another roommate Megan Powers, and her dog Bentley. Tyson, Nugget, and Bentley all played together like one big, happy, family. Tyson even taught Bentley how to drink water from a bottle.

Near the end of 2008, Michelle and Megan moved out, leaving Tyson and I to rule the bachelor pad together. In January 2009, I adopted another Boxer puppy, Cooper to come live with us. Just as he did with Nugget, Tyson taught Cooper everything he knew. With Tyson around, training puppies, was a breeze. He led by example, and helped discipline the pups when they were out of line. Tyson, Cooper, and myself, also lived with a few foster dogs in the remaining years. Our first foster friend was a wiry little terrier we named, The Grinch. Then there was Bonnie, a well-adjusted red nose Pit Bull. And Kelly, a sheppard mix with expressive ears. Tyson loved to share his home with other pets, no matter what breed or temperament. Tyson had a knack for bringing out the best behavior of all the animals that were around him.

Tyson also had some dog friends that did not live with us. Sassy is my parents Dachshund, that looks like Tyson’s “Minnie Me.” I remember when she was small enough to fit in your palm. My parents were over at my house visiting, and introducing Sassy to Tyson. Sassy was standing on the dining room table, and Tyson was standing on the floor. They were at eye level, and Sassy started to give Tyson hell, barking and jumping around. Tyson simply stood there with a puzzled look on his face, completely unfazed by the tiny dog’s temper tantrum. Rocky is my parents Boston Terrier, that goes nuts when you mention Tyson’s name. Rocky always followed Tyson, like he was Rocky’s bodyguard. Those two dogs loved Tyson to no end. Bear, is Michelle’s Boxer she adopted after moving into her own home. Bear always pined for Tyson’s attention, and he was always on his best behavior when he was around Tyson. (Except trying to wake up Tyson to play.)

Tyson was loved and respected by everyone he met, Human or otherwise. He has been the best companion over the last five years, and I know he enjoyed every minute of life.

“You will be missed, Ole Man!”
“Loyal to one, friend to all.”

Tyson Robbins
Adopted – December 26, 2006
Passed – October 21, 2011