In Memory of Tiger Holloway

On Sunday, April 6, 2008 my precious little baby, Tiger, sometimes called BooBoo or Tigee went to heaven.

I miss you terribly but I am glad you aren’t suffering anymore. Those little kidneys just failed but you really did fight. I had just told you it was ok to leave Mommy and not suffer anymore. Mommy had called Cobb Emergency to have you put to sleep and oh how I agonized over that decision. But I didn’t want you to suffer anymore.

I was preparing to go and I heard you take your last breath. I immediately picked you up and you were gone. It was as if you knew I really didn’t want to let you go that way and you spared my feelings. I held you for a long time and then I placed you in your little Snoopy bed and you had been wrapped in your soft Christmas blanket. I brushed your little head and washed your little face for the last time. You really liked to be groomed and were so good for the groomer.

I put you in your little snoopy bed with all your toys around you in a little casket with a white silk pillow and white silk spread. I put the baby that you have had since 8 weeks old in your arms and ducky beside you. Those were your favorites but you had other toys that were placed in with you also. I kept one ducky to hold and be close to you along with your little coat that I put on you in the cold weather. I also made a little paw print to keep.

You came to live with me when you were about 8 weeks old and was with me for almost 16 years. You blessed my life so much and I will carry you in my heart forever. You slept with me all those years. You were wrapped in your blanket and had your he’d on my pillow when you went to heaven.

You really liked to ride in the car and go to Brewsters for that special doggie Sundae. You also liked hamburgers, especially from Burger King. You seemed to know the difference in the hamburgers but your favorite food was boiled shrimp and frI’d chicken. You ate doggie food until the vet told me to give you anything you wanted.

There are so many things I will miss about you. Always, always at the door to greet me with kisses and then you would bring me a toy and then we had to go to the phone and check the answering machine before you would go outside. I have an emptiness in my heart that will never go away but I know you are in a better place and free of pain. You gave me unconditional love just as God gives to us and I know God gave you to me to love and care for.

I miss you so much right now, but I want to thank you for all the love you shared during your life on earth and I hope you enjoy life in heaven. Only you and me know how much we loved each other. I will keep your pictures with me until I leave this world. I can still see you in the yard and remember how you barked at the squirrels and birds and chased the rabbits, bringing me a little one you had caught. You were so proud. You were placed in the yard you loved with Dogwood blossoms and Azalea blossoms on your little grave. I will go and talk to you every day, I promise.

Have fun in heaven and I’ll be there before you know it and you can give me bunches of kisses and we will be together again forever.

I love you,