In Memory of Tessa

Tessa was a part of our little family for only a year but it didn’t take her long to find a solid place in my heart. I had adopted Ellie and was so enamored of her that when another Japanese Bobtail showed up for adoption I jumped at the chance to give Ellie a sister. Enter Tessa.

I brought her home and opened her carrier and she just waltzed right out with no hesitation, looked around and made herself at home. She was a jumper and climber and loved to get up on high places. If I couldn’t find her I just had to look on top of the fridge or the entertainment center – the two tallest places in the house – and there’d she be. Those long gangly legs made her graceful at jumping and running, but a little clumsy when she was walking around the house, always “accidentally” knocking things over that were in her way. I eventually learned to clear the space in front of the window because she was just going to knock it all down anyway so she could sit there.

And after all the crash, bang, boom of knocking things over, she was smart enough to pull my heartstrings by coming over, nudging me with her head, settling down in my lap and purring like a lion. How can anyone be mad at someone who does that?

A typical J Bob, Tessa was affectionate but also independent and strong willed. She had been an outdoor kitty before I found her and she let me know in no uncertain terms that she was not going to be an indoor only kitty now. I finally accepted that she was not meant to stay inside. So out she went.

She didn’t go far. She loved to hang out on the porch if it was raining, or on the neighbor’s car. She’d see me pull in the driveway and trot over to me and wait, sometimes patiently, sometimes not, for me to open the door so she could come home. Her friendliness led to more than one neighbor chatting and smiling with me about the little white kitty with no tail who came to visit them. And more than one who teared up when they learned we’d lost her.

Tessa was an amazing cat. Smart. Beautiful. Fearless. Affectionate. Confident. Self-assured. Nothing scared this cat. She never seemed insecure and always seemed to be smiling. It may sound odd, but I admired her. It was a short life but she lived every day to the fullest and died doing what she loved. Exploring the outdoors and among friends. I love you Tessa. Thank you for letting me share your life.