In Memory of Teddy “Booger” Bear

Booger was one of seven puppies from our two chows Leo and Beauti. Booger was such a cute little pup. Black as coal. She looked just like a black teddy bear. I wanted to name her Teddy Bear, but my husband wanted to call her Booger because she was so black that at night you couldn’t see her. So we agreed to name her Teddy “Booger” Bear.

the years went by, we dropped the Teddy Bear and called her Booger all her life. She was a very independent dog. She loved to get attention. When you were outside she would stand and look at you and bark and bark until you petted her.

She didn’t like to take a bath or get her hair brushed. She would always hide in her dog house. We’d have to go get her out. Once you got started she would tolerate it as long as you didn’t take too long.

She loved to run in the woods and on the few times she managed to get out of the yard, she ran and ran until she tired herself out. Booger was almost fourteen years old. She was a special dog, and will be missed.

Ronnie, Nancy and Alicia