In Memory of Sydney

In memory of Sydney O’Brien
Register’s Sydney Victoria
Australian Shepherd
January 7, 1993 — February 8, 2008

Dear Sydney,

The folks at Dream Land said I could make a tribute page for you on their website. I had no idea how to write this tribute or how to begin, so here goes:

I’ll start with this note of thanks to you, and to let you and everyone know how much we love you. Thank you for your companionship, devotion, obedience and dedication to Kyle, Connor, Caitlin and myself and the rest of our family and friends. Thanks you for the wonderful smile you would greet us all with.

I remember picking you out of the litter at the Gwinnett County Fair in March, 1993; never realizing that you would be with me for almost 15 years, everyone thought I was crazy for getting a dog. You came home with me and met Sadie Cat, Lynda and Tara Kitty.

I’ve always bragged on how well you kennel trained, as your were the best ‘kennel up’ dog and how many frequent flier miles you earned on our trips between Atlanta and San Antonio. Of course, on one of those trips to San Antonio; I let you stay there for an extended visit with Mimi, Daddy Reg, Brittany, Hershey and Barney. It was at Mimi and Daddy Reg’s house that you learned to he’d deer, assisting Mimi at feeding time. You also learned to he’d in a few joggers and roller bladders in their neighborhood too, which no doubt led to your great ability to he’d the US Post, UPS and FedEx trucks here in our neighborhood, I think Patton taught you some of those maneuvers too. Too bad you never got to meet Zack, he would have drove you crazy, like he did Hershey
and Brittany, they will tell you all about him.

After you spent almost 2 years in San Antonio, I finally got you back to Georgia, as I promised. By then, we had a house with a huge back yard for you and a new baby on the way. I could not have asked for a better dog to have with children in the house. You were the best Nanny to Connor and Caitlin, and I always trusted you with any child. Connor misses you very much, you were his big sister; he really did enjoy walking you and playing with you. Connor and Caitlin really appreciated the many times you escorted them to the school bus stop and meeting them there in the afternoons. Caitlin misses you very much too; she is now in the planning stages of adopting a new puppy or kitten, never to replace you, but to help fill the emptiness she has without you and so she can tell them what a good girl you were.

Sydney, we will also cherish all the great road trips we all had together, whether going to the beach in Hilton head to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, or camping somewhere in North Georgia; you were always the most eager to get in the car and go. I really enjoyed having you as company at the stables in our earlier days, it was so much fun watching and seeing how much you enjoyed herding the horses.

Sydney, please know the special place you have in Kyle’s heart. You really had him fooled into thinking he was the alpha dog in our home. You always gave him your biggest smile:-)

I’m sure Sadie Cat, Cookie, Brittany, Hershey, Barney, Patton, Dixon, Roxie, Riley and many others furry friends all met you at the rainbow bridge, We will see you there one day. Please give Sadie Cat our love.

Sydney, this letter will never truly express how much we love you and miss you. You were truly Man’s Best Friend — in our home. Thank you.

We will love you always and you will be forever in our hearts, you’re such a good girl!

Mom Jennifer