In Memory of Sunny

Your life started out as a rough one, living at a Garbage Yard looking for scraps of food. A Trashman started to feed you one day and your friendship began.
Every time you saw his SUV come into the yard , you would start running towards it,knowing your tummy wasn’t going to be empty today.
The seasons were changing from summer to fall and it was getting colder at night,so you found warmth in a Garbage Truck engine for the night.
You woke up to a loud roaring sound ,then a sharp pain to your leg,the engine fan blade got your back leg. The driver didn’t know you were in there,all he found was a broken fan blade and blood.
You were nowhere to be found,your Trashman friend looked for 2 weeks and still couldn’t find you or if you were still alive.
Then one day you were spotted,your leg dangling from your body,a Humane Trap was set and you were caught and rushed to the Animal Hospital.
The Doctors said you lost 22% of your blood and couldn’t believe you survived that long,they had to amputate your back leg.
The Trashman friend who brought you to the Hospital are now your new owners.
My wife and I are your new Dad and Mom and we gave you a name “Sunny”.

From Rags to Riches

That was 3 years ago in 2007.
You were leading a very happy life,a house cat.
Then one day 3 years later you became sick,but mommy and daddy didn’t know that.
You showed no signs, just this deep growl at the other cats,daddy looked online and it said you were just being dominant.
We thought it was nothing,but it was your way of telling us you were in pain.
A month went by and we took you to the Vet to see about this growling and why you started to lose weight,but it was too late your intestines were stopped up and you had a hernia and your colon had ripped through your tummy wall.
Surgery was a very slim chance of survival so we had to say Goodbye.
We wanted more then 3 years with you,but the time we had you in our lives will last a lifetime with us!
You went from rags to riches, you were a KING!
We would like to thank again , Allatoona Animal Hospital and the Doctors,Dr Smith and Dr Cohen who removed Sunny’s back leg in 2007 and gave him a new life.
We would also like to thank Bellsferry Animal Hospital who tried to help save Sunny.
And most of all thank you Dreamland for taking care of Sunny after he passed away.