In Memory of Sophie

My dear sweet baby girl, Miss Sophie — .

Almost 13 years ago we laid eyes on each other and the rest was history. We immediately took you home to add to our three other sweeties. But you, my precious, stood out unlike any furry child that we had ever had. You had a spirit that was so special, beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, and loving. I have never received the kind of love that you gave or had a baby chew up quite as much as you did. That and your love of water were the only retriever or even dog-like traits that you ever had, you certainly never did learn to retrieve nor did you ever realize that you were a dog. Everyone that met you remarked on how human like you were.

And speaking of your love for water — you never missed a drop, stepping in water puddles as we walked the streets, running next door and into the creek to cool down, swimming in the river and trying to chase the ducks, jumping out of the boat at the lake while we were still moving or trying to sunbathe on the raft while I was on it and best of all, swimming with you every summer at Aunt MarKay’s. I loved swimming laps with you.

You loved everything with such gusto and your big smile — running, sharing ice cream cones, eating anything that was also going in our mouths, long walks at the river, runs at the ocean, going to work with me, thinking that you were a lap dog, pushing us out of bed. Yes, you had to sleep (with your dainty self) not only in the bed, but you wanted the covers over you too. When you were younger you even insisted that your he’d be on the pillow. Of course every time I left the house you thought that you had to go with me. And you generally did.

Three major surgeries on your legs and you never complained. What a champ you were. You didn’t even show your discomfort in those last months when the tumor on your liver was getting bigger and everything was a bit of a struggle for you. Still, you were mama’s sweet companion that never let me out of your sight, always loving and smiling.

We feel so blessed to have been on this journey with you and even though you are with us in spirit, there is an emptiness that will never be filled. Those are mighty big paw prints that you left! Everyone that you came in contact with was lifted by your joy, beauty, love and laughter. No one will ever forget you.

We know that you are with Mandi , Bear, Nicky and all the others and will be waiting for us when we too, come home. Until then, my sweet girl — .

We will love you always,
Mommy and Daddy