In Memory of Snowy (aka Mr. Houdini) Skala

In Memory Of Snowy { aka: Mr. Houdini } Skala
Snowy, our beloved boy-boy left this earth on October 31, 2011.
Since one of his names’ was Mr. Houdini, it’s a little scary and weird at the same time that he departed on that date.
During his 13 1/2 years with us, he gave so much love and affection and always kept us on our toes or should I say young at heart.
He was a very smart individual knowing when we were going to either take him and his sister Shyann out for a “walk-walk”, or go for a “swim-swim” and even going to dine at Burger King. His favorite baby burger place.
We nick-named him Mr. Houdini because every now and then when he could get out of the yard, (escape) he would.
He would not go far, just check out the neighbors and then sometimes Shyann would follow him as well, so we named her Mrs. Houdini.
During the time we found out that Snowy was sick, we were hoping for a quick recovery, but that never came.
So we gave him the best of care and made him as comfortable as possible.
And, since the favorite holiday for the Skala family is Halloween, we guess it was appropriate for Snowy.
Snowy was our loyal baby who loved us unconditionally as much as we loved him and we will all miss him including Toni and her staff from Koala Pet Care who took care of our babies when we were out of town.
We would like to gratefully thank Dream Land, Kevin and staff for helping us through the sad time but making us feel totally comfortable.
We will miss you little boy.
Love, Mommy, Daddy and Shyann.