In Memory of Sir Winston Prock

Winston was born June 13,1996 and departed this world Decemember 27,2010. I actually purchased Winston for my mom, but quickly fell in love with him. This worked out perfectly due to the fact Winston did not like my mom. He loved almost everyone else. He quickly proved his loyalty by always setting at my feet, while I played my fiddle and “suckling my chin when he got the chance. I’m assuming this is something his mom taught him. It is something he’d done to the very end.During his life, he patroled our home protecting his family while we slept. The last few years, his eyes and ears began to fail him and he relied more on us for protection and peace of mind. There is no doubt in my mind that Winston knew how much he was loved and he adored his family. We spent our last hours together trying to comfort each other, both knowing that our time together on this earth was coming to an end. During the last few days, my Lord let our time together play out as I prayed it would.As we took Winston to the vet for the last time,I held him and loved on him and it seemed that everytime I looked up from him, we were passing a church and there was a cross. I take comfort in knowing that my GOD had such an interest in a child and his dog.