In Memory of Shadow

I came to be adopted in the Spring of 1988. I was the runt of the litter and Mommy thought I was too cute for words with my white tipped tail. Since Mom was a hair stylist, she often got asked if she dyed my tail!

As a kitten, I constantly pushed her buttons with rolling the toilet paper, playing with her powder brushes and one time my whole face was pink with her blush. She couldn’t help but laugh and explained to me that boys didn’t wear blush.

I loved playing with all things that jingled and when she brought home? our real first real Christmas tree I was in heaven—constantly climbing it and playing with the pretty shiny ornaments. I guess you could say I was mischievous to say the least.

I loved the outdoors and climbed down the deck and into the woods of our apartment to chase squirrels and birds.

Shopping bags were always a treat and we played hide and seek but she always found me. My stuffed lobster was my favorite toy and I wore it out.

When we moved to our house I was in Kitty Heaven with our fish pond and bird feeders. I kept very busy.

One Christmas, she even made me wear antlers! How embarrassing but I succumbed and humored her, smiling pretty for the camera.

My nick names were Smuggler, love bug, sugar boy just to name a few.

Mom and I loved music and she would often sing to me and pick me up and we danced a lot.

We traveled to Florida many times to see my Aunts, Uncles and cousins. I visited with Champ, Christy, Buster and Panther. It was always nice to see the family.

Even though I won’t be here physically, I’m always here in Spirit and I just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful life I had and how loved I was.

On September 3, 2007, after a long illness with kidney failure, I went to sleep in my Mommy’s arms with the help of a wonderful Vet, Dr. Karen Jordan, who made a house call.

I’m happy to say I?m sleeping peacefully and I hope to see you all again in Heaven.

Much love, kisses and snuggles.
Your Good Friend,