In Memory of September Paladino

Princess Poo Kitty
May 1992 — June 14, 2009

September came into my life right after my college graduation. I wanted a kitten so bad. I remember looking in the paper, local shelters, but no one had any kittens. So I tried the local pet store, and there she was with two of her sisters. She was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen (and still is)! She reached out at me with her tiny paw through her kennel and I knew she was the kitten I was taking home. She resembled the bright fall colors of autumn leaves that arrive in September, and that’s where her name comes from, but more importantly, she’s always expressed the fire and light of the striking colors of the month she’s named for, and anyone who knew her could speak of the special sparkle in her bright green eyes, her intelligence and robust personality.

September, these are just some of the many memories you’ve given us and things your Daddy and I cherish about our time together:

1. You’re a cat’s cat. It’s never been in question that it’s your world and you let us be in it — always dignified — you hate the vet, you allow (and even enjoy) grooming so long as it is on your terms, you love string, boxes, newspaper and laying in the middle of whatever your favorite human is doing/reading/typing. You loved Christmas for all the great cat fun to be had with a tree, paper and ribbons.

2. You loved a good conversation, were a good listener, and even threw in some of your own comments here and there.

3. I will never forget how you shamelessly flirted with your Daddy the first time you met him, and how you stole his heart immediately. You two have had a special bond ever since.

4. You would have been a keen hunter had you been allowed to prowl the great outdoors, but instead you settled for stalking birds from the window and hunting yarn, string or shoelaces (or even ankles and the occasional arm).

5. You love your Daddy’s laptop bags; in fact, you love anything that’s Daddy’s.

6. The time you escaped from the apartment, and went to a neighbors open window and jumped in, making yourself at home.

7. You give great kitty kisses.

8. You were infamous for your turbo kitty “moments.” we knew it was coming when we saw your pupils dilate, you’d get a look of serious intent on your face, then race around the house like a crazed cat.

9. The time you awoke from a sound sleep, your eyes barely cracked open, with your nose sniffing out the chocolate Haagen Daas ice cream I was eating on the next couch over. we girls all know the wonderful goodness of Haagen Daas ice cream.

10. The many times we ran around the house panicked because we couldn’t find you, only to finally hear your faint meows coming from some closet where you’d found a cozy place to nap and got locked in.

11. You loved your family. You were always beautiful inside and out, and always a Princess.

You’ve traveled down a long road with us through so many changes in our lives. You’ve been our friend, our confidante, our comforter, our laughter, our Po. We miss you, Princess Poo Kitty.