In Memory of Savannah

Savannah picked me as her father, I didn’t pick her. She came into my life 16 years ago at a horse show when a new puppy was the last thing I needed, so I thought. She kept leaving her litter mates and coming to me. So I finally picked her up, looked into those big brown eyes and couldn’t resist. Over the years she has been a great companion. She loved going camping, to the lake, or wondering in the woods, basically anything I wanted to do. In the winter if a fire was built you could always find her lying in front of the fireplace.
She had an amazing love for children. When she was younger and had a tendency to go venturing off in the morning regardless of how many times she was asked not to, I always knew where she could be found. Wherever the school bus pick up was for the kids, there she would be. I would pull up and with her head held low knowing she was in trouble again, she would slowly make her way to the truck. All the neighborhood kids would be waving and saying their goodbyes. We would head to the barn where she spent her day with me out in the pastures working, or running and playing with the horses. Every now and then I would have to go looking for her which was always 1 of 3 places. The old man next door, where she would be lying on the front porch as he sat in his rocker reading the paper. The 2 little boys up the road where I would have to knock on the door since their mom had let Savannah inside to play with them. Or, at the neighbor’s house behind the barn, where she would be playing in the backyard with the kids.
Savannah loved everyone and everyone loved her. She never met a stranger. On her last couple of days with me, knowing she wasn’t feeling well she was still the same ole Savannah. There she was lying in front of the fireplace with the 2 year old sitting on her, squeezing her, lying on top of her. Knowing the time was getting closer and closer I kept looking for her to give me a sign she was ready. Even though we had to pick her up to take her outside, put her food and water in front of her, you could tell she wasn’t ready. Then on her last night after not really getting up on her own all week, she made her rounds through the house. First lying beside me for a few hours as I rested in my chair. Then, beside the bed in the kid’s room with them for a few hours, and finally back to the bedroom beside the bed where she had slept for years. She was telling me it was time.
Savannah thank you for so many wonderful years, you will truly be missed.