In Memory of Samantha

1995 – May 7, 2008

On December 10, 1995, we adopted Samantha at the Cobb County Animal Control center. My husband Jason and I decided that we were ready to get a pet, and we wanted to save a life by going to the pound. What a wonderful decision! We wandered through, stopping and looking at all the beautiful animals and wishing we could take them all.

At the very end of the hall, we spotted a fabulous little cat (approximately 5 months old) lying peacefully in her cage. I was immediately smitten! I asked the volunteer to open the cage, and Samantha, as she had already been named, got right into my arms and made my decision for me. We took her home that day. What a delightful little kitty she was.

She settled right in and we saw quickly what a mellow, easy-going personality she had. Jason and I will always remember how, when she was young, she would get into the bed during the night and play with our toes under the blanket.

Samantha never met a stranger —”if someone came to our apartment, she introduced herself and then quickly rolled over onto her back to show her belly. What a trusting little soul! We adopted two more cats over the next year, and she just welcomed them right into the family. These three cats have been with us ever since, through all the changes in our life —”moving to a new apartment, purchasing our first home, starting a family, etc.

Samantha always adjusted to the changes so easily and was such a joy to our family. She was the only one of our kitties who readily accepted and was never afraid of our children, born in 2001 and 2003.

Sadly, Samantha became ill in 2005, with what was her doctors could only surmise was cancer, or some other serious disease that affected her digestive system. She made many trips to her vet, and was treated with medication and lots of TLC. She fought bravely until these last few weeks, when I could tell she was very uncomfortable and so tired.

It broke my heart to have to make a heart-wrenching decision, but I did so knowing that it was the best thing to do for my cherished Puff-n-Stuff. Our entire family will miss her dearly, and we will hold dear the memories of this special kitty.

We love you so much, Samantha!
Jason, Courtney, Anastasia & Evangeline