In Memory of Sam


My sweet, sweet little puppy that I loved, and who loved me….

Now that you are gone I’ve released you…I’ve let you go-
When I think of you it only makes me feel low.
I will miss Tam Tam, the Golden BoBo.

I know that we had a good run those few years-
And I know that I mustn’t tie myself to you with tears.

I gave you my love-you made me smile-
Those few years seemed a good while-
You will never know how much you gave me in happiness.

I am sure you knew the love that was shown-
And now it’s time for you to travel alone.

So I will grieve awhile, as grieve I must-
I will let my grief be comforted by trust.

It’s only for a time that we must part-
So I bless the memories within my heart.

Now that you are back with me, life goes on in a different form-
But it will never feel as if it is quite as warm.

Though I can’t see or touch you, I am near-
And if you listen with your heart-
You’ll hear my love, soft and clear.

We took you from a place of strife-
And tried to give you a great life.

When God took you into his nest-
He knew you were tired and needed the rest.
And as my sweet little puppy you were the best!