In Memory of Sadie

April 16, 2001 – May 7, 2010

A Letter to my darling Sadie,

From the first day at the shelter, I knew you were the little girl for me. From the day I brought you home you made me smile, and you continued to do so for 9 wonderful years. The first night home with us, we played with you for 6 hours on the floor. You were my special little girl. So sweet a girl. Every day with you was special, even if we were just laying around, or I should say laying on my feet. You are my heart and soul. You were such a big part of my life, whether you were outside, and I was watching you, inside laying on the couch or at night when you would jump in bed. To have you in my life was pure joy.

When Dr. Bryant told me that you had cancer and would probably be gone in a few weeks it broke my heart. You and Coalie took such good care of me when I had cancer, and now it was my turn. I loved you and took the best care of you that I could. Cancer took away the one thing you truly loved to do and that was eat. Shortly after we found out about the cancer, I did not want to, but I had to love you enough to let you go. Nine years is simply not enough time. I feel so empty without you.

Baby girl, I loved you then, I love you now and I will always love you. Heart and soul, Sadie, heart and soul. I miss you terribly baby girl. My heart aches. You were my Sadie Chips, Pretty Pritters, Baby Girl. God Bless you Sadie, I will see you again one day. Please baby, wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge and I will find you. For now, rest comfortably and play with God and all the animals in Heaven. God Bless you.

Love you always and forever.

Mama and Daddy
Coalie, Chloe, Luci. Mollie, Jessie, Sweet Face and Newman