In Memory of Sadie

Our beloved Sadie, how we missed you! We adopted this wonderful fur ball June of 1997! She brought us so much unconditional love. She was the “mother hen” of our two kids. She never failed to meet us at the door with her tail wagging and her eyes full of joy! We were lucky enough to received this unconditional love and devotion that a beloved pet could give. We had to let her go on March 15th 2011. The day was cold and rainy and it fits the tears and sadness that we all felt. She has left her paw prints in our heart forever. Our Sadie girl, may you run after the firework to your heart’s content. May the sun always shine upon your beautiful face and may the wind ruffle your fur. May you be able to run and chase after all the bees and butterflies as you used to do. We did not want to let you go but we knew it was your time to leave and crossed the rainbow bridge. We knew looking in your eyes that it was time for us to let you go. Until we all meet again on the other side of the rainbow bridge, you will always be in our heart Sadie Mae!!