In Memory of Sadie

To My Sadie Girl

Until we meet again
My heart will remember,
The gentle eyes that fixed on mine;
The cool wet nose that brushed against my hand;
The softness of belly fur;
And melodious purrs that comforted my soul.

Until we meet again
My spirit will remember —
The funny things you did that made me chuckle;
And the sweetness of others that made me cry;
The way you sat at the window watching the world;
Smelling the breeze — such a queen on her thrown.

Until we meet again
My thoughts will drift to you —
When I remember days we spent together —
Just you and me — in silence;
Or in dialog, though I never knew what you were saying,
But I knew it was important and so I listened.

Until we meet again
I will remember,
Just how much I loved you — and you loved me.
My precious Sadie whose life blessed mine;
Be at rest.

Your loving companion,