In Memory of Sadie

January 29, 1994 — February 6, 2008

To Our Sweet Sadie:

We will always remember the first day that you came in to our lives. The girls were so excited to have a new puppy. Sarah wanted to name you Cindy, but we told her that wasn’t really a puppy name. We chose the name Sadie — because it was a combination of Sarah & Katie. — You were so adorable, just a little ball of fur so nervous of your new surroundings. You know — the first time Dad saw you he was upset; he didn’t think we needed a dog. It didn’t take him long to realize you were the sweetest and most loving addition to our family; little did he know that you would grow to be his best friend.

You were the runt of the litter, as well as the most docile of the bunch. Guess that is why you were always petite and so affectionate; you never wanted to be alone. But that didn’t stop you from being very playful and extremely intelligent; in fact, you were the most well trained and best behaved dog.

We remember all of your favorite things. One of those things was the yard Sadie’s Yard; — you loved to run around and sniff your territory and hunt for birds and squirrels; often times bringing them to Dad so he would be proud. You were quite the hunter, even trying to catch the birds and ducks on the lake when we went out on the boat The Sassy 2. — We will never forget your green life-jacket, and of course the time you jumped off the boat to chase a duck and your poor little paw got stuck in the cleat and you almost hung yourself. And of course your favorite past-time was playing tug-rope. — You were without a doubt the best at rope, tugging and pulling on that rope until you were so tired you couldn’t do anything else, but nevertheless you were always ready to play tug-a-rope with anyone that was willing. There was your love for riding in Dad’s truck; you sat so tall and proud, like you were in a parade. Just saying the words Sadie wanna go for a ride? — and you were racing for the door. Remember how you would chase and bite at the windshield wipers when they were swiping; we would turn them on even on a nice day just to watch your reaction. Finally, you had a passion for food; Not only were you the biggest beggar in the world, but you would do anything for a steak bone. We will never forget the time when you were in the garage gnawing on your steak bone and mom tried to take it away — — . You almost bit her arm off. You were one of those dogs that refused to eat dog treats — you wanted cheese. Cheese was your second best friend, and once again you would do anything for a slice.

There are also those funny memories of your least favorite things. You hated to get a bath and you always knew what You want to get a bath, Sadie — meant. After getting your bath and blow dry, you took off running around the house like a wild rabbit, barking and growling in playful anger. You hated anyone who tried to invade your territory; such as the laundry man, the UPS driver and the garbage men. You would run to the front window in an attempt to ward off any intruders. The vacuum cleaner (aka: the dune) was not your friend either, you barked, growled and tried to bite the wheels anytime it was running.

Sadie, you were more than just a family pet, you are and always will be a true member of this family. You slept with one of us every night for 14 years and were spoiled rotten. You are a daughter, a granddaughter and a sister to all you leave behind; including Jake who will be very lonely without you. We have an emptiness in our hearts that will never go away, but we know you are in a better place and free of the pain and agony you suffered for the past few months.

Sadie was a friend to all and loved by many, we would like to thank some of the people who had an impact on Sadie’s life. Many thanks to Dr. White and Dr. Clark of Crossroads Veterinary Clinic for the wonderful care you gave Sadie over the last 14 years. Very special thanks to Pam Biagi, not only for keeping Sadie well groomed, but especially for the in-home boarding care given to Sadie for many years. Sadie really loved Pam. — Also, thanks so much to Pet Dreams Memorial — and Kevin Marcy for his kindness and understanding during a very
difficult time, as well as taking such good care of our baby. Finally, thanks to Uncle Bob, — for the love and affection you gave to Sadie, she adored you!

Sadie Precious Pup, rest in peace, you will always be present in our hearts.

We Love You,

Dad, Mom, Sarah, Jennifer, Katie & Jake