In Memory of Sable


My Sable was one of a kind. She was the most quiet, sweetest, loving, playful, well behaved child I could ever hope for. You never heard a peep out of her, she never barked and never complained. She was so happy to have her little ball, it was like her security blanket. Never mind it showed wear and tear from years of constant attention. Sable was happy to have her ball in her mouth everywhere she went. No one left home for a ride in the car until Sable had her ball in her mouth. Sable would sit with that ball just sticking out of her little mouth or she would want you to throw it so she could play fetch.
My Sable got so sick so suddenly I am still in shock. She was never too sick not to want her ball, so that was my first clue something was terribly wrong inside little Sable.

Sable was my middle child. Pookie the oldest, went to heaven just a few months ago from a brain tumor, now we think Sable had nasal cancer. Pookie and Sable are playing together again in heaven.

Pookie, Sable and Haley had separate beds in the back seat of our car. Sable never stayed in her bed, she was facing backwards with her face smooched into the seat or hiding in Haley or Pookie’s fur….guess she didn’t like the journey, just waited for the destination.

Christmas was her favorite time of the year. Decked out in her pretty red holiday dress, she opened everyone’s presents claiming all the squeaky toy’s first, squeaking, shaking them back and forth, but that green ball was always close by.

Sable was so special, nothing bothered her, she would go out in the rain or snow to take a potty break. She would have little snow balls frozen to her, it was so cute. Sable was always happy just to be part of my family with her brother Pookie and her sister, Haley.

Haley and I are thinking of the day we will all be reunited and how joyous, playful, tails waggin’, ball pitchin’ and fetchin’ good time our family will share again. Until I hold all my kids again, tonight Haley and I will hold on to each other with love in our hearts for Pookie and Sable. Good night kids, we love you.