In Memory of Roxy

Dearest Roxy,

January 2003, we went to a breeder to pick out a puppy from your litter. In the end we didn’t pick out a puppy that day, because you picked and chose us. You came over to us as soon as we arrived and you didn’t leave our side, as you did for the past 7-½ years.

We brought you home and introduced you to the house. We started to crate train you, but you didn’t seem to take a liking to it. You cried a few nights, I eventually gave in and brought you in the bed with us, and you slept with us ever since. A lot of times sacrificing our own comfort, just to make sure you were comfortable under the covers.

You didn’t chew on things you weren’t suppose to, except for my wedding shoes, but that’s ok, I wasn’t going to wear them again anyways. We started playing Frisbee with you, that quickly became your favorite past time, running and jumping and doing tricks, you were oh so talented.

We started training you right away, you never jumped on people, and you never left your yard, even if you saw another dog or animal. You never jumped on the couch or bed until we said it was ok. You were the most well behaved dog we had ever been around.

You were very spoiled, but of course you were our baby. Always knew we had a treat for you when we came back from the grocery store, it was expected. But you knew how to work us, with your cute little face, we always gave in.
You were a great dog over the years, unconditionally. You were part of our family and our best friend.

At the age of four, we noticed a lump on your leg, we brought you to the vet and it was diagnosed as a mast cell tumor. For the past 3 years you had surgery and had 4 tumors removed. The last tumor was in your lymph node and stage 3, so we decided to take you to see an Oncologist. He recommended doing chemo, the cancer had spread and wasn’t operable. You did well with the treatments, even though you didn’t like going. The technicians were good to you and you received plenty of love and treats.

7 months down the road you seemed to change. We found another tumor, which meant the chemo stopped working. You got really sick real fast. We took you to the vet 4 times within a week, we wanted to do all we could for you, but there wasn’t anything we could do. We stayed with you all weekend, trying to make you as comfortable as we could, laying next to you and kissing you your cute little face. Selfishly we wanted you here with us forever, but we couldn’t bare to see you suffer anymore. We couldn’t bare to take you to the vet and have them poke you anymore, it broke our hearts.

Dr. Hendrix , from Sweet Dreams, came to the house on August 11th. We wanted your last moments to be at home, where you were comfortable and safe. You laid on your bed with your Frisbee, with us lying next to you. As much as we hated to see you go, it was a peaceful moment, we knew you were no longer in pain. As they say in the book “Doggie Heaven” we knew soon you would be up in heaven, running through fields catching your Frisbee, and its comforting to know that you will come down and visit to make sure that we are ok.
Matt from Dream Land came to get your body and about a week later we had you back, you will forever be with us.

These past weeks have been incredibly hard. We miss you greeting us at the door wiggling your butt, we miss you all stretched out on the bed in the morning. We miss throwing your Frisbee. And most of all, we miss kissing your face, even though a lot of times you didn’t want us to, but we couldn’t help it, you were our baby girl. We miss everything about you, even your snoring. But we are forever grateful that you were a part of our lives for 7 years. You were and are the love of our lives. You will forever be in our thoughts and hearts. I know one day we will be together again, playing Frisbee in the fields, but until that day comes we will cherish our time together, we will think of you and miss you every day.

We miss you and love you Roxy, may you rest in peace!
Love mommy and daddy.