In Memory of Romeo Paladino

1991 – October 28, 2009

Romeo came to us when he was 2 yrs old. I responded to a free cat to good home posting in the locker room of the gym where I worked. I went to visit him in his home and knew he was coming home with me right away. When I first met Romeo, his name was Rupert. But it became very clear very fast what a lover he was and that the name Rupert did him no justice, so he became Romeo. And he lived up to his name; a very affectionate, beautiful and charming cat. He wanted nothing more to be talked to, brushed, rubbed and cuddled.

Some of our cherished memories of Romeo:
Romeo was clearly part Siamese or some similar breed by his loud, plaintive yeowl. He loved to talk, and often went into a loud conversation in the middle of the night, waking the whole house. He hated a dirty litter box and would meow at you until you cleaned it, then promptly use the newly cleaned facilities.

He loved to play in water.  He’d sit on the side of the tub while you showered, or sit at the sink and meow at you until you turned on the faucet for him to drink out of. He enjoyed splashing his paws in his water bowl, which often left the water bowl with litter particles in it.

He’s always been very fond of his Daddy, but one time, he got his claws caught in the mini blind string, wrapped it around his paw very tightly and could not get free. He panicked and was clearly in pain. Luckily Daddy was home and came to his rescue. Romeo sat calmly while Daddy cut the strings free. It was nothing more than a swollen sore paw, but Daddy became his hero that day and there was a special bond thereafter.

Romeo was a lover, preferred the indoors, and was a little skittish, but around dogs a bold cat appeared unafraid, even brazenly confident, he would make a game of swatting at the passing dog as he laid sprawled out on a bed our couch like a king. He always seemed pleased when the dog responded in fear of him.
As Romeo aged, his sleek shiny black coat became speckled with white hair and he began to be an old cat. His hearing went. More than once I went to check on him as he was sleeping, he wouldn’t respond to my calls to him, and I’d touch him apprehensively afraid his time had come, he would lay still €¦ and then all of a sudden he’d jump to and meow loudly, startling me so that I thought I would have a heart attack! It became a little joke each time Romeo startled me.

Romeo recently lost his kitty sister, September, in June. They lived together for 16 years. They weren’t always the best of friends but it was clear he was lonely when she passed. Now he’s gone over the Rainbow Bridge to join her and we miss them both very much. Romeo and September were with us while we grew, loved and learned. They rounded out our little family and gave us so much love, fun and companionship.

Romeo, you are our special lover-kitty. We miss you Ro-Ro.