In Memory of Reggie Wolf

March 11, 2000 – March 17, 2009

How we LOVE you, how we REMEMBER you…

I remember how you’d curl up in your bed in my office every day, patiently
waiting for me to take you and your brother Ollie out for a short walk.

I remember how you’d dance your little circle dance when Mommy said “Anyone
want a snackie”?

I remember how you’d curl up on the bed every morning and put your chin on my
chest, waiting for Mommy to get dressed, giving your warmth to me.

I remember how yours would always be the first little white furry head to pop
up in the back seat of the car when we unlocked the door.

I remember all the rides we took in the van to Tyson’s Corner, Raleigh, and back and forth to Florida so many times.

We remember all those late night on the road dinners at Burger King – a single
Whopper, with just a bit of roll to go with it.

We remember how much you just had to be on the furniture… all your life, you
were never a “floor dog”.

I remember just how much you had to be on my lap at all times, looking for love
and giving love back. My little buddy, my right hand man!

I remember how you’d bark like you didn’t know who I was if I was crossing the
lawn twenty feet away, and you were walking with Mommy.

I remember how you’d bark like crazy and jump off the couch when I came home
late, like I should have stayed home with you instead.

I remember how you’d look out the window every day, just waiting for something
to move out there, so you could bark and get your brother Ollie into the act.

I remember giving you that stupid, stuck up name “Reginald Throckmorton”, because it just fit your British mannerisms perfectly when you were younger.

I remember your left “lazy eye ” that would never look at you straight on unless we were close by… it never seemed to bother you, and it endeared you to us all the more.

I remember you looking at me as we came up the stairs after watching TV,
waiting for me to tell you “OK, Reggie, time to go beddy bye” – then you’d
zip off to the bedroom, get in bed, and wait for me to come in and wish
you “good night, sweetie – see you tomorrow”.

I remember how healthy you were, until something hit your system, making it impossible to keep food down, and how fast you got so thin.

I remember the last day of your life; we brought you home for the final day, so your brother Ollie could see you, and you wouldn’t die alone in a hospital cage.

I remember how brave you were, and how tired you were, that last morning as I spent hours talking to you and Ollie, while softly stroking you as you lay in your bed.

I admire how brave you were when you knew it was time to get in the car and go for a ride for the last time. You went down the stairs and waited for me to open the car door, all by yourself.

Most of all, I remember holding you tight as you stopped shivering and peacefully passed out of this life at 9:20 AM: aged 9 years, 6 days…