In Memory of Quincy

October 30, 2004 – March 26, 2008

When Quincy came into my life I knew he would only be among us for a short time. He was born with a severe heart condition and was not expected to live past his 2nd Birthday. This strong soul passed just shy of his 4th birthday. Though the odds were greatly stacked against him he lived life to the fullest. Deep down under his small fury body he thought he was a Big Red Dog like his Vizsla friends, Abi and Zowie. Numerous occasions he tuckered them out playing despite his size and heart condition.

Though I only got to share a little over three years with this great soul they were worth an eternity to me. He was a rescue but looking back now I think he rescued me. He helped me through many transitions in my life and for that I am grateful. His influence in my life will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

Quincy’s ultimate joy in life was to be next to someone. He would always lay or sit next to you, making sure his body was touching yours. It would melt my heart every time he was in the same bed with Baxter or Sue (his siblings). As long as he was next to someone he was happy. That is why I feel blessed that I was next to him when he left this earth. It would have been unjust for him to leave this world all alone.

Quincy was the kindest, cutest, and most lovable dog that has ever lived. He truly touched the hearts of everyone who had the privilege of meeting him. He taught us all to live each day to the fullest. Quincy had no idea of his heart condition, and that is how he lived his life. I truly hope he knows just how special he was and how much everyone loved him. Though we are sad that he is gone, I know that he is in heaven with a healthy heart playing to his content.

We love you Ditter Dog and will hold you in our hearts until we meet again.