In Memory of Princess Koach

It just seemed like yesterday that we drove up to my friend Pat’s in Bartow County to see about adopting a stray puppy wondering around the street.

Now daddy had his heart on getting a chihuahua from a breeder, because he wanted a real Taco bell dog.

But once I laid my eyes on you , I knew you were going home with us to be treated like a Princess, and that’s how you got your name.

From running the streets to a warm loving home.

You weren’t a pure breed Chihuahua, you were a mix of a chihuahua and a Basenji (with a bark).

You were the most loyal friend any pet parent could ever want and love.

Your eyes would light up when we would say “do you want to go camping?”

When we would open the camper to fill it, you knew it was camping time.

You loved camping so much there were so many critters and ducks to chase.

You loved going to Petsmart, they even knew you by your name.

Grandpa always called you by the name Happy, cause you were so happy, so bouncy and filled with joy.

Grandma would give you special treats , especially when she opened the treat box upside down and all the treats would fall out , you would look at Grandma as if to say it’s ok I’ll help you clean it up(chomp chomp).

The 11 years went by too quickly, like I said ,it just seems like yesterday we went to Pat’s to adopt you.

As the years went by, you weren’t getting so bouncy and only wanted to play ball inside the house rather then outside in the yard.

Daddy says she needs to see the vet to see if she has anything wrong with her. And you did ….

Our worst nightmare, you had kidney failure. I told the doctor she seems fine, he said on the outside she was but not on the inside. The doctor tried to get your kidneys to start up again with iv’s. But the blood test result said they were too far gone. And the next day, you were gone too. Your buddy Eyevan(the cat) who loved you dearly ,came up to you while you were being wrapped in our blanket , he knew you were hurting and with my own eyes I saw Eyevan touch his nose against your nose, as if he was
saying “You’ll be alright Mommy and Daddy love all of us” and they will make your pain go away.

We love you Princess and you will be deeply missed by all of us.
My husband and I would like to thank everyone at Allatooona Hospital,
especially Dr. Bannister. He tried everything to save our little girl.

A big thank you to everyone at Dreamland Pet Memorial Center. They opened their warm arms with love to us. They treated our baby as if it was their baby in her final time of need.

Love you always and forever,
Mommy and Daddy