In Memory of Precious

March 1, 1994 – October 27, 2007

Precious was born to our son’s dog Jessie (Australian Shepard) and my brother-in law’s Ethan (Australian Shepard) along with six other puppies. She was the only black one with a white chest and white boots. Precious looked more like a Border Collie than an Australian Shepard.

She was a three generation family dog. Our niece owned her grandmother-Dog. When our son started selling off the litter for some reason the black one remained and she would come over to our yard (next door) and would follow me around while I worked in the yard and garden. She and I became very good friends and I would hope every day that someone wouldn’t offer a big price for her and she would go live somewhere else.

On Father’s Day 1994, our son and his family brought my Father’s Day present, and it was Precious. They intended for her to be an outside dog like her mother but while my wife was at work I would bring her into the house when I would come in to rest in the afternoons. After my heart surgery in July 1994, I was able to convince my wife that it was too hot outside or too cold or whatever until she became an inside dog. She slept on a pallet beside my bed.

For years, she would go to ride with me everyday. We would go fishing and hunting together. She went with us to our Florida home, camping and in a lot of hotels that allowed pets. The last few years she stayed home with my wife when I would go on fishing, hunting and golf trips.

When we carried her to our Florida home the first of October, she could not get up and down the steps so I picked her up and carried her up and down but one time I hurt her and she bit me a little on my jaw. she didn’t mean to but she was getting very feeble by that time but when we were traveling to and from Florida she was still very aware when we would get close to her favorite rest stops and would ask to stop.

The last two weeks she was unable to get up without assistance and the last three days she couldn’t stand by herself. We were realizing that we needed to make a decision to put her down but we tried to wait until our son and his wife returned home from a Hawaiian cruise on October 30 but when I feed her on Friday night she was so week it was hard for her to eat.

All her life, I had fed her a can of dog food for dinner each night with a plastic spoon but that night she barely could get the food off the spoon. I spent some time with her before I went to bed about 11 o’clock, and she seemed to be doing fairly good—but when my wife got up at 6:00 am and checked on her —she realized that she was dead. The hard decision of having to have her put to sleep was made for us. She probably just got so tired she wanted to rest forever.

We miss her dearly but we still have our son’s Australian Shepard Abby and our Grandson’s Pit Bull Shelby next door and we dog sit them while the family works and they visit frequently on the weekend. They miss Precious too.

Precious is missed by all our family members and friends as she was part of our family.

Dream Land has been a really great help with her death.