In Memory of PJ Lim-Xabandith

In loving memory of PJ Lim-Xabandith
July 4, 2000 – July 26, 2010

PJ was six weeks old weighing 6lbs, 6 ozs. when we got him on that August 20, 2000 night. He was on my lap the whole way home from Macon, GA. His parents were Sugar and Little Sportster from the AKC registration certificate. He was content and quiet, but he was the fattest pup of the whole litter (that’s why we chose him). Besides, he had an attitude about him, which we loved about PJ.

As any new pup who would bark for no rhyme or reason, he was really loud. I had grown up having cats and dog around, so I am pretty accustomed to his barking and of course biting, chewing, and all the troubles a new pup would get himself into.

My husband Paul thought it was a great idea to enroll PJ for obedience class, of course PJ taught us who should be obedient. After a few months of driving to Canton for his obedience class, we finally give in and accepted that PJ was PJ our disobedient, crazy, silly puppy dog.

I have given him a nickname “Mommy’s Poopee” which he seemed to like ’cause he would move his head sideways and just rest his head on my lap when he is called by that nickname.

I remember the first snow when PJ probably wondered why is there paw prints following behind him, he sniffled the cold air with the cute black nose and tried to eat the snow was hilarious.

PJ was wonderful when our child Will was born in the fall of 2003. I was so afraid that he would be jealous but PJ was gracious and accommodating to our little guy Will. Will has always wished that PJ was smaller in size, but one could not resist a big, loving and huggable dog.

PJ loves his car rides when he went for his grooming sessions and his yearly bet visit. It was his alone, bonding moments with my husband Paul, and I sometimes to see the smugness from PJ when they drove away.

We have a gazillion things to talk and remember about our beloved PJ, but on this July 26, 2010, mourning in our hearts were broken when PJ was called to go home to our Lord.

We miss him terribly; only time will heal our loss till we see each other again. We love you so much, PJ (Mommy’s Poopee, Mommy’s Love, Mommy’s No.1 son). Gone so soon, but forever in our hearts.

Paul, Judy and WIll
Your Family