In Memory of Phil

A little bit about my 20 year old loving companion – Phil the Cat…..

Birth place: Boston MA

Nick-names: PK, Phil Kit-tay (actually, his “screen-name” from appearences in many early Ariescope Films), Beauty Boy & Meow

Pet Parents: Karen and Foster Parents for 7 years: Krishna & Will

Favorite Toy: Froggie

Favorite Activity: Watching birds, Sleeping, Being close to me…..

Least Favorite Activity: Getting his ears cleaned and being pilled!

Favorite Sleep Spot: Next to my pillow on his heated cat bed or on top of my head during the night!

Favortite Memories: His loud off-key “MEOOOOWWWW” – due to his deafness
Curling up in the bathroom sink, Being vacuumed with the hose, His loving stares and his trying to get me out of bed in the morning by givng me a “wet-willy” in my ear! (Wet cat nose in my ear)… it worked everytime OR he’d gently paw my eyes to wake me up.