In Memory of Otis

Lovingly Otis

Otis was about seven months old when we got him from the pound while living in Valparaiso, Indiana an August day of 1994. He was a Border Collie mix we were told with a white and tan beautiful coat of hair. He was very handsome looking dog and very agile. He loved playing Frisbee and fetch. He was left by his prior owner, because he barked too much and chased after cars. Little did we know what kind of dog he was, but he had a sweet smile and was very persistent. Being a Border Collie, he really did hypnotize us right away and we decided to bring him home. Otis was a very smart dog and the kids did have a good time with him. We do remember when he ate my daughter’s homework, literally! I am not sure if she actually had something to do with that or not. Also, he dragged my youngest son a couple of times when he was trying to take him out with a leash. That dog was very strong and over protective of us. He was not the quiet kind, but he was the most gentle and caring dog there was.

I recall when we moved from Indiana to Georgia. My husband was traveling on business and couldn’t be with us, so I drove a van with the three kids and the dog all the way from Indiana to Georgia. Each time a motorist drove by our van, Otis would jump and start barking. My daughter had to keep him tightly the entire trip! Also, once my parents came to visit so we all went out for a walk by the neighborhood, Otis looked back and was waiting for everyone. He was herding us!

Otis was very smart and he could figure where you hid things for him and loved playing fetch, but most he loved tug of war. He wanted to win at all costs. Also, when you had to leave, he would grab your leg with his both legs and wrapped them trying to prevent you from leaving him behind. He has traveled more than many people I know. We took him to Florida with us when we moved in 2004. We came back to Georgia in 2005. He didn’t like the humidity and hot weather there. He also loved bread and would do anything to have some.

The kids had grown up and moved away so it was only Otis and me most of the time, since my husband traveled a lot. He helped my kids grow up and accompanied them through many days. He was always happy and willing to play and just to be with you. Here he lived until his last day one Friday, July 30, 2010. He was sixteen years old and could barely walk or stand, yet he kept looking into my eyes each day as if telling me that he didn’t want to leave us, but he was suffering more than I could bare.

For all the wonderful memories we have with Otis and the love with shared with him, I will always be grateful!