In Memory of Oreo

In Memory of Our “Little Puppy”

Back in November of 1995, you were introduced to us by a neighbor looking for a home for an orphaned 1 month old puppy. Little did we know this was the beginning of 15 1/2 years of you being a cherished part of our family. We are all so heartbroken it had to end on March 9, 2011.
2 months later in early February, you helped welcome our next family member and your BFF, “Bandit”. You grieved with us when Bandit arrived at the Rainbow Bridge in October of 2008. You were our link to what we all remember as “the good old days”. You watched Cole and Stephanie grow into their teens and early twenties, and taught them the pleasures of having a pet to love and care for and also the pleasures and comfort of being loved…….by you. To say you were a sweet dog is an understatement. You are one of my few all time best friends.
Chocolate, peanut butter cookies, boat and car rides were your favorites. You slept with at least one of us every night. We miss you so much.
You’re illness came upon us so quickly, no one was prepared. We take comfort in knowing you did live 15 1/2 years of a healthy happy life and now you’re with Bandit at the Rainbow Bridge. I imagine that was quite a reunion!
Thanks to Dr. Tallman and Flat Creek Animal Clinic in Peachtree City for 15 1/2 years of excellent, compassionate pet care, and Dream Land Pet Memorial Center for services rendered during this difficult time.
We love you and miss you very much Oreo!
Dad, Mom, Cole & Stephanie