In Memory of Oreo Clarke

March 2, 1998, June 9, 2008

Oreo came into our family on April 14, 1998, and he was the best little puppy. He trained quickly and only chewed on one small section of molding in our home; he didn’t even gnaw on our socks! Just every once in a while over the ten years that he was part of our family, the garbage can was too tempting to resist!

Guarding the house from his favorite perch in the living room during our absence, Oreo watched who was coming and going in the neighborhood. He knew our individual schedules, would start barking as soon as he saw our cars coming down the street, and eagerly waited with tail wagging at the top of the stairs to the kitchen until we came up to greet him.

Vacations were a lot of fun, in the Winnebago to Maine several times, stopping in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and North Carolina to visit family and friends, going to Ohio, and to the beach, but it was The day-to-day love that Oreo showed us and that we gave him that really matters. In our hearts, we will always remember how he took turns sleeping at the ends of our beds, how he looked up at us with his soulful eyes, enjoyed being petted, and hated walking too far from home.

Following surgery to have his cancerous spleen removed in October, 2007, we took Oreo to St. George Island, FL. He had sand spurs carefully combed out of his fur, rode in the home’s elevator, although he preferred to take the stairs, lounged on the decks overlooking the beach, and enjoyed his treats. Oreo brought us more happiness than we could have hoped for, and we miss him terribly.

Mom, Dad, Emily, & Jillian