In Memory of Ollie

My Tribute to Ollie – My beloved Maltese, my best friend and soul mate.

I can only begin this at the very first time I saw you in the pet store one day while on lunch hour.

. You were just a little ball of white fluff with the cutest face I’d ever seen on a dog. When I returned the next day to see you again, I knew that I wanted you and that Sunday, Mother’s Day, we brought you home. I will always remember the way you looked up at me when I carried you out to the car that day. You looked up at me with such love and gratitude as if to say “Thank you, Mom; you are my hero”. You were a bright, attentive ball of energy. Your little red wheel was your favorite toy and every night when I came home from work we played fetch until we were both exhausted. You always knew exactly what you liked and didn’t too—the fence that we bought for you outside in the backyard in Powhatan, Virginia. You let me know instantly that “there was no way you were going to play in that’. And the very special spot In the front yard by the stairs—that was your favorite place to roll over, wiggle and scratch your back on the grass. You loved to lie on the front sidewalk of the house and soak in the sun on nice days. And how can we forget the way you loved to roll in the leaves in autumn and play in the snow in the winter in Virginia.

I remember all of our travels together. You, Reggie, me and Dad going to Boston, Vermont, New York, Williamsburg, Tyson’s Corners, the Shenandoah Valley and Lancaster, PA. Then we took trips up and down I-95 from Virginia to Florida looking for a home, staying in hotels and stopping at rest areas and Cracker Barrel restaurants. You just loved to travel with us and stay in hotels. You were always so excited to go up and down the elevators and did that cute little prance down the corridors as if you were the Mayor of the town.

All thru the extreme hot weather in Florida; patella surgery and other medical problems you were still a happy little fellow. You always had a smile on your face and your tail was always wagging. When I was sick in bed with a stomach virus for two days you never left my side.

You loved it when I picked you up and rocked you back and forth and danced to the music. You loved your daily belly rubs and would lift your leg whenever I was near. You always had that enduring way of cocking your head to one side when we talked to you as if you knew exactly what we were saying. Even if we spelled the words ”go, dinner, ride” etc., you still knew! You were always my faithful little buddy waiting for me when I dressed for work in the morning. And you were there waiting for me when I arrived home in the evening, with a happy smile on your adorable face and your tail wagging a mile a minute. But it was when you looked at me with those huge black “meatball eyes’ that you reached into my soul and tugged at my heart, as if you knew that special bond between us. You have been, and always will be my very special boy. I will have a huge void in my life after you are gone because you are one of a kind and cannot ever be replaced. You have brought me years of pure joy.

We all love you.
Mom, Dad and Quincy. .