In Memory of Oliver

Dear Oliver:

You are truly missed, but know that you are in a better place since you were suffering so much from the cancer. Knowing you were only five years old and had much more to experience in your life, that is what is truly hard for everyone who knew you. When I first found that you had cancer, I was devastated, but was willing to do what it took medically to beat it. However, due to the type of cancer that you had, lymphoma, type T cell, the doctors gave you little hope and in turn, you succumbed to it.

I miss you so much Oliver and so does Karen, Pearl, and Quinn, everyone at the park where you use to walk and at both vet offices. Did not realize how popular you were when someone at the park today that I thought I did not know, asked about you. Unfortunately, I had to tell this person the truth and she was shocked.

Everyone will miss your great personality and how you made me, Karen, Quinn, and Pearl laugh. You were a great part of this family and seem to help bind it together. You will always be my ‘best buddy’ and will never forget all the fun games that were use to play together. Seems that our personalities were quite alike – silly.

Know you are in heaven now and my mother and father will take care of you until I come to join you forever.
Loving, your mother here on earth,