In Memory of Nigel Buchanan

It has only been a few days since you left. You were and are the best friend I ever had. You were with me through thick and thin, home after home. You traveled with me as much as my wallet did. You went from Ashland, OH to Carrollton, OH more times than I can count and always loved the drive like it was the first time. Your favorite question always was “Are you ready to go by-by?”. And every time I asked, you would stand up and do your little dance, not bad for only having 3 legs. Your favorite trip was the voyage from Shelby to Ashland to Carrollton, OH then all the way to Acworth, GA. It was long, but you enjoyed every second of it riding shot-gun in our truck.

Although you are gone from this world, your memory stays with us forever and always. You are missed and will always be missed by so many loved ones. And I say good-bye for now and take care until we meet again.
Love, Will Buchanan, “Grammy”, Walden and Rob