In Memory of Mork

August 9, 1992 – December 7, 2007

What can you say about Mork? He was a very cool cat, who I had the great honor of being a mom to, for 14 years.

Mork came into my life at a sad time in my life. I was to get married in 1993 but that wasn’t in the cards. But, little did I know, that Mork was meant to be in my life.

Mork came from Good Mews Animal Shelter. At the time, I had white carpeting in my home, so I thought getting a white cat would be a good idea. I went Good Mews three times before Mork adopted me. The story as I remember it was that the shelter had a MI’dy in the house so they needed a Mork. Mork came to the shelter after his original mom had to go into a nursing home. He had been there a few months before I found him. I brought him home on October 23, 1993.

Mork was the very first pet that I would raise on my own. I’ve had roommates who had cats, and thought that I would like my own kittie. However, I grew up with a small little dog, so I’m afraid Mork got called puppy more times than I will admit. Perhaps, that is why he turned out to be like a dog than your typical cat.

Each day, Mork would look for me to come home from the upstairs window. He’d watch me get out of the car, and then would meet me at the door; talking non-stop about his day for a few minutes and wanting food and attention. He was very much a lap kittie and was a great sleeping buddy.

Mork was also a very talented little guy. Back in The days when I had an answering machine, my roommate and I would call into the machine several times a day, from work ,to see if we had any messages. Obviously, Mork was quite annoyed by the phone ringing and hearing messages through out The day. This was very disruptive to his naptime! So, he learned how to turn the answering machine off by pushing the buttons. Thank goodness the phone company offered an answering service through the phone by then!

Over the years, I had another roommate who also had a cat. We tried to see encourage Mork and Trixe to become friends, but Mork would have nothing to do with Trixie. Mork was king of the house. Mork also grew to be a pretty hefty guy- from a kitten of 7 pounds, when he came home, up to big old boy of 14 pounds. If you looked at him sideways, sometimes he looked like a small cow with utters!

Mork was a very healthy cat until the last year of his life. He survived 3 surgeries in 10 days. Dr. Mazza at The Veterinary Clinic thought he was amazing. Mork would prove to be more amazing as his illnesses progressed. Dr. Barr at the Cat Clinic of Cobb called him a warrior; never showing any pain and being very stoic though it all. I am very grateful to the kindness and expertise of all the staff that took care of Mork over the years.

So, how do you say goodbye to a wonderful pet who taught you so much over the years? You don’t. You say I will see you over the rainbow in the future where pets and their owners are joined again, forever.

I’miss you Mork, but I know you will always be with me.

Your mom,