In Memory of Missy

Our Missy

If dogs are sent to mankind to teach them in what their immortal soul’s lack, then it was our Missy’s job to teach us all the power of love. Whenever anyone in the family was sad or depressed, our Missy was always there. Her ultra soft fur, her nuzzling nose and her warm soft disposition just seemed to melt away your troubles and your stress and just when she knew you felt better there was always a soft warm lick of her tongue that we grew to call a Missy Kissy. She just always generated a loving glow that we all depended upon.

When Missy came into our lives, it was in Montana when we decided to purchase a female Golden Retriever and we got the pick of the litter! A beautiful little golden ball of fluff and our daughter Bonnie named her Missy Cheyenne. We brought her home to our two year old Golden named Cody and it was love at first sight! Together they grew and played in the beauty which is Montana. They became an inseparable pair and the best hunting dogs that I have ever owned.

Many trips on trails, along steep mountain rims and through bubbling mountain streams they wandered. Many people that we met told us how beautiful they were and how especially beautiful was our Missy. She was the most beautiful dog that I have ever seen. Her beauty was only exceeded by her wonderful personality and she brought happiness to us all.

The Christmas of 2007 brought our family together once again on our ranch in Montana. Cody had passed away in October, but we wanted Missy to see the wonderful home where she was born and raised one more time. She was old and sick
so my wife Nancy and I decided to drive her all the way from Georgia to Montana for Christmas. We made the trip there through snow and ice and Missy was happy to be home. She played in the snow with our granddaughter Trista and scooped the snow into her mouth as she ran.

She had done this since a puppy and she happily repeated it time and time again. We had a wonderful family Christmas with our granddaughters, our children and our families all together again. We could all feel the love together, just as Missy had taught us. As we left our ranch to return to Georgia, Missy sat up in the backseat of our Avalanche and watched her home in the mountains and the snow slowly disappear into the gray distance.

In the end we all watch our lives disappear into the gray and when our lives are complete, then all we have to remember is the love that we all shared, thank you Missy—we have learned our lesson—you did your job well! We will always remember you! So go and play with Cody and we will meet you again as our lives disappear into the cold gray distance where only our love remains.