In Memory of Minou

I cannot believe that just one month to The day of Marmalade’s death I find I have to write another tribute, but this time to my sweet girl, Minou who was with me for thirteen years. God took my “Boo-boo’s Minou” way too early. She was suppose to have years more of “Big Rubs” and time to be #1 in the house. It was Minou’s turn to sleep by my he’d, sit on my lap, be fed first, and to get the majority of my attention. Why did God have to take you now?

I found Minou in 1995 shortly after I had moved back to Massachusetts. I was walking down the street in Arlington when a little black and white cat caught my eye. She was rolling around on the floor just inside the glass door of a cat doctors office. You know me, I had to go in and see her.

She had been hit by a car and left for dead when a good Samaritan came by and brought her to the doctor. Half of her right side was shaven because she had a broken hip that had been repaired. I was living in an apartment that did not allow animals and I figured if I was going to be kicked out for one cat why not be kicked out for two cats. I returned to the clinic the following Friday and brought that cat, who became known as Minou (pronounced “Me-New” and is French for kitty), home to stay. I have a children’s book about a Parisian cat named Minou; that is how I picked her name.

In the past couple of weeks I am continually calling your name and then realizing you are not here with me. Whenever I started to cry, no matter where in the house I was, you would always come to me to comfort me. It was now my turn to comfort you and I am afraid I did not know this early enough. Somehow I missed that you were beginning to loose your eyesight and that a tumor was growing rapidly inside you until it was the size of an orange and by then it was too late.

The doctor (who so lovingly took you home at night with him rather than leaving you in the clinic) and the others at the clinic tried very hard to keep you in my life. In the end, I felt you too much of your life was being spend suffering (even though you purred every time I touched you) and so I let you go.

I will miss you forever! I will adore you forever! You were my best girl and my life without you will always be a little more sad. I put the black and white ball with rice inside in your urn to have forever; I know it is your favorite!

I hope Marmalade greeted you in heaven, and tell him I said he had to now be nicer to you, rather than just tolerating you. It makes me feel better if I picture the two of you in a field of wind flowers chasing butterflies and birds (which you never catch, of course) and maybe you have met the cats I had when I was younger: Smokey and Puffy, Aslan, Kitty, Riki-tiki-tavi, and Athos.

Who is going to drink the milk left over in my cereal bowl? Who is going to feel comfortable enough to show me her stomach and let me rub it? Who is going to love the tuna fish that I put out? Who am I going to set a fire for (even if it is too warm outside for one) since you won’t be here to lounge in front of it? Who is going to sit outside my shower waiting for me every morning? Who is going to cause me to worry about wasting water as I let the faucet run waiting for you to drink from it (you always preferred water straight from the tap over the filtered water I normally gave you – people could all learn a lesson from you?) Who will walk over the brick wall to the woods on the far side when I mistakenly let her outside? Who is going to stick her tongue out so that I can say I love the tongue and the paws” in baby talk? and finally, Who am I going to kiss four times in a row at night and declare “one kiss for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and an extra kiss from Mommy?”

Below are some pictures of Minou that I hope will give you an idea of how wonderful she was.