In Memory of Milly

Milly was one of three beagles we adopted. She was born in Chamblee, GA on Feb. 2nd 1999 with her sister, Polly. The two beagle puppies came to our home when they were nine weeks old.

Milly was the most caring, generous, brave and faithful dog among the three. She liked to lick her sisters’ face and ears although her sisters did not return the favor, shared her food although others had already eaten their potion and were trying to steal hers, protected her home and parents and barbecue from others by sitting in front of front door or in the corner of backyard. When she barked at someone (neighbor kids or delivery people), she always scared people because of her masculine, aggressive looks but we always knew that inside she was much more gentle than other dogs.

She would have been nine years if she could have lived two more weeks. She suffered from disk hernia and lost mobility of back legs last Sep. She was very brave going through a major back bone surgery and started showing a dramatic recovery. However, when we started becoming relieved, we discovered that she had developed spinal cancer. The only thing we could do from that point on was to give her steroids and wish for a Christmas miracle. We also decided to give her a wheel chair hoping to take her to Florida beach again in spring. She began to enjoy outside walk with a new wheel chair but after three weeks, she lost the strength of front legs as well. The steroids helped to slow down the progress of cancer for a short period of time; however, the spread was too rapid. She completely collapsed and experienced excruciating pains frequently. She was put to rest on Jan. 18th, 2008 at Crescent Fayetteville emergency with her parents at her bedside.

Milly, you never stopped giving unconditional love to us and taught us so many things which we began to forget. As a caring and giving daughter, you gave inexperienced parents like us to have opportunities to learn how to handle those difficult situations which two remaining sisters may confront later by sacrificing yourself and feeling pains.

Milly, we love you. We will take good care of your sisters. Run in the heaven. Watch over us and protect us.

Charus & Masako
January 19, 2008
In Fayetteville, GA covered with snow