In Memory of Merlyn

Not long enough —

In the spring of 2003, I noticed a white/tan 20 lb dog milling around the neighbor. The small dog appeared to be searching for food discarded by construction workers. I approached the dog slowly, crouching down so I would not appear intimidating, he allowed me to pick him up, and as I did, he sheepishly growled. I affirmed him I was his friend and he began to wag his tail — I truly believe he knew he had found his new home.

The small Jack Russell Terrier mix became known as Merlin/Merlyn. Merlyn immediately got along with the other 3-dogs Terri, Lucy, and Max. Merlyn’s personality was his greatest attribute. Each pet has characteristics that distinguish them and Merlyn’s uniqueness was that he enjoyed people. He always would greet people with his energetic wag and immediately expect you to pet him. Neighbors referred to him as the “politician.” Merlyn would see a human and immediately try to find one of his favorite toys whether a tennis ball or squeaky and bring it to you. He just loved being around people and showing off his toys, he wanted your vote. Randy and Becky Whitening would overwhelm Merlyn with new tennis balls and squeaky toys weekly. It was fun watching Merlyn try to figure out which tennis ball was the best — out of the 50 or so scattered on the lawn.

Merlyn died at home after many complications associated with an aggressive type of cancer. Merlyn was probably 9-years old when he adopted us and his company and cheery wag will be greatly missed. The 3-dozen or so squeaky toys scattered around the house are now silent.

Our time with Merlyn was too short.