In Memory of Maxwell Henry Zachery

Max was adopted from the Paulding Volunteer Animal rescue that was located at PetSmart, December 27th, 1997 at the tender age of 8 weeks. He was named Maxwell Henry Zachery. My dad who had been recently widowed bonded immediately with Max. They were inseparable.

Max and my dad would start off their mornings with Krispy Kreme cake oughnuts. He loved Cheese, unless there was a pill hidden in it. The only animal type treat he would consume was pig ears. He would guard it with his life. My son would tease him and he would cover it with his paw and look at you with those big brown eyes. Max loved digging up rocks in the back yard and bring them to my dad for him to throw to him. When Cashmere our other dog came into our lives, it took Max a while to adjust to sharing us with someone new.

They would play together, but Max would always let Cash who was twice as big as he know who was the boss. If you looked up the word attitude in the dictionary you would probably see a picture of Max. When he was upset with you he would not look at you. He would ignore you until you apologized to him.

My dad died in 2000 and Max and I mourned together. He was my rock and I was his. He was so brave even to the end. Rest in Peace my best Friend. I’ll see you in Heaven.

Cashmere and the Family and I will miss you terribly.