In Memory of Max Shannon

My husband always wanted a boxer. We had just lost Buddy to Cushings Disease.
We were concerned that Rascal would be grieving and needed a new playmate.
My husband always wanted a boxer, and one Saturday not long after we lost Buddy he went to a boxer rescue adoption and found Max A 10 month old and was instant love. The day Nax was to arrive he got caught in a gate running with his pal and broke a toe. It was about 5 weeks later we were finally able to bring him home.
Rascal on the other hand was not real excited over this new playful fellow in her home, and it took her exactly 6 weeks to warm up to him. And one night she got up from her spot next to me walked over to Max, and offered to play. After that night they were buds. She would never play with him as he wanted but they got along.
He would love to snuggle at your back at night, loved to ride in the car, go for walks, and run out in the back yard. It was less than a year we noticed he would stand on one foot while eating. Favoring the foot with the broken toe.
It was not to long afterwards he was diagnosed with Auto Immune disease.
Rascal was always by his side, staying with him wherever he was sleeping. Our vet Dr Nelson who worked so hard to help him sent us to Georgia Veterinary and the vets worked closely with him, but he was always such a fighter, he would improve and we would think it is getting better. During this time Rascal took ill and was diagnosed with rare form blood and bone cancer and was in treatment at GVS as well. Max lost his fight with this disease on April 4th 2011. He was not three years old. We were with him and loved him and Rascal said her good bye.
We lost Rascal two months later June 5th 2011.
I thank all of us for giving us the time we were able to have with Rascal and Max.