In Memory of Maddie

My Dear Sweet Maddie Lynn,

I can’t believe you’re gone. You were such a joy to me. I remember the first time I saw you, Blair was holding you in the palm of her hand. You were so tiny I almost missed you.

I couldn’t wait to stop by Mom and Dad’s house every night just so I could spend an hour or so with you. You loved playing in my long hair and with your toys. But your favorite thing was getting your belly rub. You loved having your belly rub your whole life. I loved it too!

The first time you ever stayed with me you were only a couple of months old but you had personality. You kept wanting to get behind the computer and I would tell you no (which I didn’t say to you often). You kept trying and I kept saying no Maddie. You finally took your little paw and while looking at me you lifted your paw and then stomped it back to the ground. I learned who was boss that day. You were in to everything at my house, I didn’t mind though. Whatever was mine was yours.

I loved you so much! Most people put their pets into a kennel when they go on vacation, not us. We drove you to Florida so you could stay with Aunt AvaNelle. She took such good care of you. We wouldn’t let you stay with just anyone. On the ride down your were so sleepy but you wanted to stay awake and see where we were going. You kept leaning from side to side trying to keep your little eyes open. Even though I enjoyed that vacation I couldn’t wait to get home to you.

I’m going to miss sharing my coca-cola with you. I can see you now staring at my drink and talking. You let me know when it was your turn for a drink. When 9:00 comes around I keep waiting for you to come running in because it’s cookie time. You loved your Oreo’s.

I miss you Maddie.   You were such a sweet and loving baby. Thank you for always loving us and for being ours. Life will never be the same without you. I look forward to seeing you again and watching you run to me and give me sweet kisses.

I’ll love you forever my little Maddie Lynn.

Love always and forever,
Aunti Tracy

In Memory of our Angel, Maddie

On Friday, January 23, 2009, our beautiful, and precious little Angel Maddie € went to Heaven.

Our hearts are breaking because we loved you so much and miss you terribly. But you are at peace now Angel, you are not suffering any more. Your little heart just gave out, but you fought to the end. We are hurting so much over our loss. We didn’t want you to go, but we could not let you suffer.

You were just the cutest little white furry ball when our granddaughter Blair picked you out that Saturday in March 2000. You were the only little girl, and you stole our hearts from the beginning. My heart just melted the first time I saw you.   You were going to live with Grandmother and Pops and we were going to take care of you for Blair.

The first night Blair spent the night with us. Pops had bought you a little pen and we put it in our bathroom. But you did not intend to stay in it. You would wake up, cry and shake the door until Blair would get up and rock you to sleep. An hour later it would start all over. She finally put you in the bed with us and that is where you slept the rest of your life.

Maddie, our Angel, you made us the happiest family in the world. We never knew we could love a pet so much. It wasn’t a week until our lives evolved around you. You were first in our thoughts in everything we did.

We will always remember one of the cutest things you did was when you were jut a few months old, we missed you in the family room.   When I found you, you were in the half bath off the kitchen, sitting in the middle of a pile of toilet tissue. You were just barely big enough to reach the roll and apparently you got your paws on it and started pulling. You pulled almost all of that roll off.   We grabbed the camera because you looked so cute when I walked in on you.

There are so many things to remember about you that we are going to miss so much. You were the most loving and adorable little angel we have ever seen. You loved to ride in the car more than anything. It was amazing to see you run to get in when the doors opened.   You loved to ride with Pops and all he had to do was jingle the keys and you were at the door ready to go with him. We bought you a doggie car seat so you could see out the windows. You were so cute sitting there. And once you were there, if anyone tried to get you out, you would growl and bark at them until they left you alone and you went for a ride.

You loved to eat and anytime anyone was eating they had to share with you. If we were in the car and stopped for ice cream, we always got a tiny spoon and Grandmother would feed you until it was gone. When Blair was here you would get in her lap in the den if she were eating and she would feed you from her spoon. If she were eating ice cream she would let you lick from her cone. It was just the sweetest thing.

Aunt Tracy laughs so much about the time she and I took you to Orlando to see my sister and you were so sleepy, but you did not want to lay your head down. After about an hour you were swaying from side to side because you could not stay awake. After a while you gave up and lay down and fell asleep.

We will remember how excited you got when any of your family came in. You would run to the door and couldn’t wait for them to walk into the den so you could put your paws on their leg to pick you up and then you would smother them with kisses. Oh, my baby, how much we are going to miss those kisses.

We cannot ever forget how smart you were. Grandmother and Pops have an alarm system and a key pad is in our bedroom. AT 8:30 p.m. every night on the dot, you would sit in front of us and almost speak to us telling us you were ready for your cookies.     You always wanted to go to bed at 10:00 p.m. Aunt Tracy and I would go to my room and watch TV and play with you. You would sleep a little but always waited for Pops to come to bed.   When the light on the alarm went from green to red, you knew Pops was on his way to bed. You would get one of your little tiny teddy bears that had a necktie and somehow untie that and then when Pops lay down you would run to him with it and he would play with you a while until you were tired and would lay down and go to sleep.

We remember how you loved to go out on the screen porch and sit in the sun. You would take your little yellow tennis ball or one of your stuffed animals out there. Two days before you went to Heaven, you were standing at the door wanting out on the porch, even though it was 45 degrees outside. We put your little sweater on you so you would not get cold. You looked so adorable.

I miss you so much precious that I cannot imagine life without you. The love and enjoyment you brought to this home is unbelievable. You were my baby and gave me just as much love as I gave you.   I miss you so much right now angel but I want to thank you for all the love you shared with our family during your 9 years with us.       Only you and me know how much we loved each other. We will always keep all the pictures we have of you. You will never leave my heart precious.

On September 2008, Dr Davis took x-rays of you because you were coughing bad. He called me and Aunt Tracy in to look at them. I looked at Tracy and said something bad is wrong.   Dr Davis told us your heart was very enlarged. We were shocked. You never seemed sick a day in your life. He started you on some heart medicine. But you seemed to be getting worse.

In December we took you to see Dr. Blischok, a Cardiologist in Atlanta. She changed your medicine and told us she could not make your heart better but could hopefully make you little more comfortable. We, of course, just hoped for at least 6 months with you. But after New Years, you were not getting better.       One time you stayed awake for almost 3 days and nights and mommy (grandmother) carried you for hours because that was the only way you were comfortable. Aunt Tracy would see the light in the hall and come down from her bedroom to walk with you and stay up with me.   I walked miles and miles and cried more tears in those weeks than I had in all the years before.

We took you back to the doctor and she changed your medicine again. Nothing helped. On January 22 when I came home at 6:00 p.m. you could hardly stand up.   Me, Aunt Tracy and Pops grabbed our coats and wrapped you in your little blue blanket with dogs all over it. Mommy sat in the back seat and held you and cried all the way to Atlanta to the hospital. They put you in the oxygen tent and wanted to keep you over night. Tracy and I wanted to spend the night in the waiting room, but they said we should go home. I held you and cried so much because my heart was breaking. I couldn’t leave you.   But the doctor said we might not make it back to Kennesaw with you. They told us we could call as many times as we wanted to check on you. I cried all the way home and until I fell asleep.   Tracy called and checked on you 3 times. You had not eaten all day and they said they could not get you to eat at the hospital.   Tracy said she always feed you with her fingers when you wouldn’t eat. She asked Dr. Warner to try that and you did eat a few bites.

At 7:30 a.m. the next morning the cardiologist called us and said Maddie was really suffering and we should think of what we wanted to do. We were devastated.

We rushed to the hospital to see you. We held you so close and cried for two hours. Pops was very upset also. We knew you were suffering and told the Dr. we didn’t want you to suffer any more. Tracy asked the doctor if she could hold you as you went to sleep for the last time. The doctor said she would give us some more time with you. We all three took turns holding you and telling you how much we loved you and you opened your eyes and looked at us and we know that you realized we were there with you. When you opened your eyes and looked at us we told you it was ok for you to go and that we loved you very much.   We all three held on to you and cried as the doctor came back in. We watched you close your eyes and go peacefully to sleep.

The doctor said she would call Dreamland for us but we decided to take you for one last ride ourselves. So Crystal put you in a sweet little white box and we brought you home to Kennesaw where we took you to Dreamland. . They put you on a table in a little bed and we put your little blanket from your car seat in the bottom for you to lay on. We picked you up and held you and cried our hearts out.   They were so wonderful to us at Dreamland.

Mommy wants to thank you Precious Maddie from the bottom of my heart and through the buckets of tears I have shed, for all the happiness you brought to our family. I have dozens and dozens of photos of you and am working on a Memory Book of my Maddie.

Your ashes are now in a beautiful urn we chose for you from Dreamland. There will always be a place on our mantel for you Maddie, Angel. At night we always take you to the bedroom you loved and there you sleep in the room with Mommy and Pops.

Sweet dreams Angel.   We will meet you in Heaven some day.   You just wait for us and be ready with all your kisses. Our lives will never be the same again.

Maddie we will Love You Forever and Always, our Angel You’ll Be!

Goodbye until we meet again.

Grandmother(mommy) and Pops