In Memory of Madame Hollywood


What a wonderful dream it was! God loved me so much and wanted me to see this through the heart of a four legged angel.
She was with me through good, bad, and REALLY BAD, remaining steadfast and strong.
Her positive impact on my unorthodox life made permanent paw prints on my otherwise bleeding heart.
She never waved a magic wand to make things better; she simply stood by my side when humans bailed.

This beautiful dream lasted fourteen years before I woke up and realized that something this precious was never meant to be on Earth forever. Heaven is her home.
Thank you, my Lord and Savior for allowing me to borrow Madame Hollywood. Her earthly heart was destined to fail, but Holly’s Heavenly Heart will live forever and ever
The loss is saddening, but the gain surpasses all. Perfect, Unconditional love does exist; I know because I held it in my arms!