In Memory of MacTavish Abshire-Giles

MacTavish Abshire-Giles
“Mac Attack”
Adopted on August 3, 2008
Died on May 9, 2011

MacTavish was adopted at the age of 12 after having lost his human mommy and furry sibling. Although he grieved the loss of his family, he quickly adapted to ours and became a cheerful and loving addition. A very affectionate fella, Mac often weaved in and out of our legs like a cat and groaned when we held him and rubbed his head, which he loved to bury into our chests.

He adored Sissie, our five-pound Yorkie, and would rub his head into her stomach, lifting her body off the ground. He would also pitch a fit when he was sleeping somewhere else and was separated from her. Mac loved toys, especially musical toys. When he was excited, he would grab one out of the toy box and walk around the house with it in his mouth. He completely destroyed a Santa toy, but remained devoted, though his favorite was his glow worm. He liked to snuggle against his glow worm, which I would keep pressing so that he could hear music while he fell asleep.

A terrier, Mac loved to explore different environments. He thoroughly enjoyed our backyard. His favorite adventure was Petsmart, especially when they had cat rooms. Mac usually had a bounce in his step, but would skip on his back legs when he was excited. He was also vocal and quick to let people know where he stood. Mac was an incredibly sweet dog, and we will miss him terribly.