In Memory of Macaroni

MACARONI, 1990 — 2007

Macaroni, My King, My World, My most loyal companion. I love you. You were always there for me. A loving little bundle of joy. When I saw you and Molly in a cage at the vets office I immediately wanted Molly with her beautiful golden hair. I tried to pet her but there you were jumping on top of her and at the cage trying to get all my attention. You succeeded.

I took you both home. You loved to be held and nursed on my earlobe at every opportunity. You were so fearless, always attacking with a playful pounce on our cat Poo Poo who was three times your size. He would growl and hiss at you but you managed to win him over. Your loving spirit could win over the hardest of hearts.

You greeted everyone at the door. In your mind all visitors were there to see you. Everyone who met you loved you. Your purr was my comfort that helped me drift off to sleep at night. You comforted me through all my heartaches and tears and lightened my burdens. You chased your tail and did tumblesaults until you caught it and you caught it every time.

You were determined to fit in the smallest of empty boxes. You were in the middle and a part of all I did; always supervising me paying bills, wrapping gifts, on the computer, putting away groceries (waiting to see what I had purchased for you), traveling (so many jouneys), getting dressed, brushing my hair waiting your turn to be brushed, putting on my make-up, (I put blush on your cheeks and how funny you looked) I laughed and you purred, doing laundry, making the bed, watching television and when I said lets go to bed Macky, in a flash you ran and jumped on the bed and sat at the foot waiting for me to get there. Then you meowed in your squeaky little voice telling me to hurry up. When I got into bed you settled in close and after our good night kisses you
purred me to sleep.

Thank you my loving baby boy for your 17-1/2 years of devotion. You are now with Molly, love one another, wait for me. I’ll be with you both again and when I arrive we will be together always.

A special thank you to Dr. Zack Tietjen of Lake City Animal Hospital for his thoughtful service who is deserving of my confidence through his gentleness and patience in my time of desperation.

A special thank you to Pet Dreams Memorial Center for the understanding of my grief and the dignity they showed to my loving Macaroni.