In Memory of Luke

I was lonesome for some companionship. “Get a Dog!”, is what everyone told me. Besides, you live alone and a dog will give you some protection. This is how my life with dogs began.

A friend told me of a dog that was eight months old and lived in a cage twenty four hours a day. He needs to be outdoors and live in a big fenced yard. So this gorgeous, fluffy, Malamute arrived at my home and seemed quite content to stay. I really was a little nervous about it but he was so cute and really did need a home.

We grew quite attached to each other quickly. I needed to rename him because he wouldn’t answer to his name, “Ewok.” He was going to be big and he sure did run away a lot. He definitely needed a strong respectable name: “LUKE” seemed to fit the bill. He answered immediately.

We began our long journey into unconditional love and companionship April 17, 1994 and have had many fulfilling experiences together. There were a lot of tears (mostly mine). There were unlimited amounts of chewed leather shoes and purses. Then we graduated to chewed furniture and kitchen cabinets.

There were many hours spent chasing Luke through the neighborhood as no fenced yard could hold this boy dog from seeking female companionship. He fathered more neighborhood puppies than I could ever believe. The neighbors never got mad though, because they would tell me, “He makes the most beautiful puppies!”

I finally got him neutered when he was four years old. I was told it would prolong his life—and that it did—to almost fourteen years. I wanted him to live as long as possible because I could not imagine life without him. Sadly, that time has come.

I will remember all of the good times with Luke. I will remember how we grew from Luke and me, to Luke and me and a beautiful, full family of four people and five rescued dogs. Luke’s favorite things in life were hikes to Kennesaw and Redtop Mountains, swims in the Hooch, walks in Piedmont Park, hanging his head out of the car window, and big juicy steaks swiped off the plate!

He didn’t always live the life of leisure though. I put him to work as a therapy dog. He was a Happy Tails Dog and made many people happy on his trips to area facilities giving pet therapy.

I just want you to know Luke, like I knew Luke. He was a beautiful, loving soul and there will never be another dog like him. I will miss him dearly. I love you forever, Luke.

Love, Mary

We will miss you and love you forever. We will meet again at the ?Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mary, Joe, Joey and Angela.